Interested in a Product?


On this his dedicated platform “SWITCH-Asia Products” you can find products and services by the SWITCH-Asia projects which resulted from cleaner production, higher resource efficiency, and improved working conditions – bringing about sustainability in their day-to-day businesses.

If you are or your organisation is interested in the products featured in the “SWITCH-Asia products” platform, thus supporting the projects and their associated SMEs, and you
would like to know more about how to purchase them, you have two options:

1) you can contact the respective project, which you find under Vendors, or
2) you can inquire further information of a specific product using the enquiry option available for every product.

Here, questions concerning available quantities, price, shipping information or details about the product and its production process will be answered by the respective SWITCH-Asia project.


Note that this Platform has no Buying Function!

This platform provides the SMEs associated with the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia Programme the opportunity to feature their sustainably produced products and services. Different than the usual online shops, this platform has no buying function. So, any potential buyers interested in sustainable products and services to round up their sustainability portfolio are encouraged to directly contact the SWITCH-Asia projects and/or their SMEs.


More Questions?

However, if you have a question concerning the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility operating this platform or the SWITCH-Asia Programme, please contact us using the contact form.