The SWITCH-Asia Programme

The EU-funded SWITCH-Asia Programme has been supporting 95 grant projects in 16 Asian countries in a wide array of economic sectors. Most of these projects engage Asian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which during the course of the project implementation develop new, improved and more sustainable products and services.


Sustainable Consumption and Production in Small- and Medium Enterprises

With the support of these SWITCH-Asia projects, the associated SMEs conceive, design, develop and produce new products and services according to principles of sustainable consumption and production (SCP). Many of these sustainable products include goods and items produced by artisans and craftsmen, potentially interesting for international buyers. However, also projects only manufacturing for local markets, i.e. efficient cook-stoves may be interesting for a wider audience from developing countries to disseminate such new products widely.


Providing an International Market for Small Producers and Support Marginalised Groups

All the products hosted on SWITCH-Asia Products are manufactured locally in Asian developing countries by SMEs and/or marginalised social groups (e.g. women from rural areas, the Dalits or untouchables in India, disabled people, etc.…) in a sustainable way, e.g. using cleaner production or energy efficient processes, engaged by the SWITCH-Asia grant projects. These producers generally lack access to larger or international markets, while much (or all) of their livelihood and that of their families, communities and often villages rests on the production and trading of such products or services. Despite the global attention on sustainable consumption and production, most of consumers in Asia are still in the initial phase of shifting their lifestyles to consume more sustainable products and services in their daily lives. For this time being many of the producers of sustainable products need to find alternative markets if the local ones cannot absorb the products yet, or they will switch back to producing unsustainably.


The Objective of “SWITCH-Asia Products”

In order to support SWITCH-Asia grant projects implementing fair working conditions and environmental care, the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility established the present platform “SWITCH-Asia Products”. On this platform you will find featured products and services developed and manufactured by SMEs associated with the SWITCH-Asia projects across 16 Asian countries covered by the Programme.

Through “SWITCH-Asia Products”, the Network Facility supports the projects and their associated SMEs in expanding the visibility of their products and their outreach beyond the circumscribed areas of their project’s and consortium’s areas of intervention and networks.